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Monday, May 21, 2018

Find the Good Life - February 2015

Upcoming Hiring Events

Find the Good Life in North Dakota will be attending the following hiring events in February.  If you are a member of the Recruiter’s Network and would like to send your jobs along with our representatives, please contact Chelle Timmreck at by Wednesday, Feb. 18th at 12 noon. Please be sure your job listing includes instructions on how to apply for the jobs you have open.
Friday, February 20, 2015
University of Minnesota Job & Internship Fair
Minneapolis Convention Center

The biggest student career fair in Minnesota! Nearly 250 companies and organizations will be recruiting for hundreds of jobs and internships. The Job and Internship Fair is open to all U of M students -- both undergraduate and graduate -- who are enrolled in a degree or certificate program. It is also open to U of M alumni from the past three years.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015
Civilian Jobs - Military Career Fair
American Lake Conference Center

Civilian Jobs military job fair at the joint base Lewis MCChord, Washington. Career skills of people attending are medical, aviation, construction, administrative, maintenance, security, engineering and more.

Research Helping Direct Future Efforts

Research was conducted to help determine the best strategies for the Find the Good Life  initiative going forward. The study targeted residents 18 years of age or older who had relocated to North Dakota with in the past 5 years. A total of 356 questionnaires were analyzed. 

Key findings include:
  • Half of the respondents had been in the state for two years or less.
  • Most new residents came to North Dakota for a job.
    • About half came to be closer to loved ones and one-fourth came for reasons related to quality of life.
  • One in three new residents had spent significant time in North Dakota prior to relocating here, most often during their childhood.
  • Two-fifths of the new residents had friends or extended family in North Dakota and a majority had encouraged the new residents to move here.
  • Half of new residents came from small towns or farming communities; nearly as many came from large metro cities or suburbs of metro cities.
  • Less than one in five new residents maintains a residence in another state.
  • Two-thirds of new residents were employed before relocating to North Dakota and one in five were students.
  • New residents were equally likely to make the decision to come to North Dakota themselves as they were to make it with a spouse or significant other.
  • The Internet and family/friends were the main information sources used by new residents prior to coming to North Dakota.
  • Overall, new residents are pleased with their decision to come to North Dakota.
View the entire Find the Good Life Resident Survey results.

Legislative Update

Governor Dalrymple’s executive budget recommendation included  $500,000 to be used as a  match for corporate investments in the Find the Good Life initiative. Wally Goulet, president of the North Dakota Economic Development Foundation, presented testimony to the joint IB&L committee the second week in January.  His testimony included the Foundations’ strategic plan, performance measures, 2020 & Beyond but primarily focused on the Find the Good Life initiative’s work. He also presented the case for continuing funding of the program in support of HB 1018, the North Dakota Department of Commerce’s budget bill. The house appropriations subcommittee did not include the Find the Good Life funding in their recommendation. Stakeholders interested in the Find the Good Life initiative will need to continue to work to educate legislators on the need to attract qualified workforce to meet business needs.

Recruiter Network Update

The Recruiter Network had its first meeting in December with 15 individuals in attendance. The meeting was hosted by Basin Electric Power Cooperative in their Bismarck office. The agenda including an update on the Find the Good Life Initiative, a tutorial accessing the out-of-state resume pool, out-of-state WARN Notices process and opportunity, information on a community engagement survey, and time for sharing of best practices by Basin Electric Power Cooperative. This agenda related directly to concerns regarding retention and attraction of workforce to North Dakota and providing opportunity for members to combat these concerns on a local level. We also provided an update to the members on the Find The Good Life Initiative.
The Recruiters Network continues to take shape as companies begin to join and interact in the conversation. The membership cost of $1,000 goes beyond access to the 200 current resumes that are on file and supports the goals of the network including sharing best practices, attracting people to North Dakota, and creating a collaborative space for retention/hiring concerns among companies and recruiters. Currently there are 39 individuals representing 23 companies involved in the network and the membership continues to grow. Membership is also included in all investment levels for corporate partners. The next meeting is slated for the end of March.
For more information on the Recruiters Network, contact Wayde Sick or Amanda Remynse.

Metrics that Matter

People from across the U.S. have connected with the campaign effort through site launch in March 2014. The below statistics reflect website traffic from March 1, 2014 - January 31, 2015.
  • Total Site Visits (unique and returning visitors) = 61,652
  • Total Unique Visitors = 53,503
  • Highest traffic periods during the digital ad campaign.
  • Ways Site is Accessed: Mobile - 61.3%; Desktop - 24.4%; Tablet - 14.3%
  • Top 10 Visiting States - reflect the states targeted with digital ads and hiring events
    • North Dakota
    • Illinois
    • Pennsylvania
    • Minnesota
    • Michigan
    • California
    • Washington
    • Ohio
    • Wisconsin
    • Indiana
  • Top 5 Pages with the Most Traffic

Employment in North Dakota has continued to rise along with increased job openings across the state. December 2014 reflects a normal drop in employment due to seasonal workforce changes.

Job Service North Dakota saw online registration increase during the time frame of digital advertising campaigns sponsored by Find the Good Life in North Dakota.

Social Media Joining Forces

In late February, digital campaigns for social media activities for Find the Good Life in North Dakota will begin. Due to an already captive audience with many of the same goals, the Find the Good Life social media efforts have been rolled into the North Dakota Experience (formerly the North Dakota Ambassador) channels. The channels will be used to support the goals on the initiative which are to recruit and retain employees and to enhance the image of North Dakota. By leveraging the existing support base of the ND Ambassador Twitter and Facebook pages we expect to engage the existing audience with relatable content which will result in more organic content. Once the existing sites are transitioned the digital strategy will focus on building the fan base and engagement. The channels will also be supported with some paid placements. 

Share Your Story

Efforts to gather stories from those who have relocated to North Dakota continue through the Share Your Story effort. So far over 40 individuals have shared their North Dakota story, which will be used to continue to build awareness for the Find the Good Life in North Dakota effort. Future plans for the stories shared include use in social media and upcoming promotional materials and efforts.

If you have individuals you know have moved to North Dakota recently, reach out and ask if they'd be willing to take short survey and share their story at:


Making the Good Life Possible - Investors

Partners that have joined Find the Good Life in North Dakota since November 2014.
  • Investors
    • Bismarck Aero Center
    • Scheels
    • Xcel Energy
    • Midcontinent Communications (in-kind)
    • Newman Signs
  • Recruiters Network
    • Bobcat Company
    • HIT Inc.
    • Missouri Valley Petroleum
    • Nexus Innovations
    • Trail King
Organizations who would like to learn more about the benefits on investing in the Find the Good Life initiative should contact Terry Fleck at 701-223-9768 or