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Monday, May 21, 2018

Find the Good Life - June 2015

North Dakota’s economy and communities continue to thrive. In fact, it was recently reported that North Dakota’s housing market is growing faster than anywhere else in the U.S. Find the Good Life, which began in 2014, has helped spread the message about our economic prosperity, excellent schools, family-friendly communities and shortest commute times in the nation. Find the Good Life has done so by promoting the exciting career opportunities and excellent quality of life in the state, enhancing North Dakota’s image locally, regionally and nationally.

We are pleased to inform you the state legislature appropriated $300,000 to continue these efforts in the upcoming biennium. Thank you for your participation to-date -- we look forward to all the good work ahead.

Measuring Success
In order to measure the effectiveness of our outreach and the engagement level of our audience, a number of metrics are continually tracked for Find the Good Life. The results below are the most recent metrics through May 2015.

Website (
Since May 2014, the website has been the central location for information on jobs, way of life, housing and other information relevant to job seekers and those looking to relocate to or within North Dakota. Over the past year, the site has led to the following insights:

  • Traffic: 75,000+ users
  • 69% are accessing via mobile, which is slightly above the national average
  • Top states where users are engaging the site via mobile are IL, MN, PA, MI, OH, CO
Social Media
Since efforts began in March 2015, our social media outreach has proven very successful in gaining the attention and engagement of job seekers in our target markets. The Find the Good Life effort is working with Experience ND’s social media channels to promote jobs in North Dakota. Through Facebook ( and Twitter (, Experience ND is including posts about job opportunities and relocation stories in North Dakota. As a North Dakota employer or engaged community, you are invited to interact with these channels and share comments about positions you have available in your companies and communities. It is also a great place to interact and share your experiences. This is an excellent audience to recruit in and the social reach of the page will help you find more potential candidates who are considering making North Dakota their home.
  • Facebook ( – This page was an evolution of the existing Ambassadors Facebook page, allowing those already committed to supporting the image of North Dakota to help influence potential job seekers. Since March, we have added over 6,500 likes, more than doubling the existing audience.
  • Twitter (@ExperienceND) – This account also evolved from the ND Ambassadors and since March we have added 2,378 new followers, making the total followers over 5,000.
  • LinkedIn resulted in 6,410,884 impressions.

Job Service Statistics

Marketing Update
Using what we’ve learned from metrics, as well as the evolving job market, we have a number of currently running or soon-to-be running marketing efforts to share with you.

The digital campaign series below will run 6/22-8/16 targeted to job seekers in MN, CO, IL, MI, MT, OH, PA, WA and WI.

A two-touch email outreach to active job seekers in MN, CO, IL, MT, TX and WI will be sent on 6/25 and 7/14.

A Delta Sky magazine 20-pg spread on North Dakota’s economy, jobs and way of life will run in July.

A Delta Sky magazine ½ page ad will run in August (health focus).


Find the Good Life has partnered with the North Dakota Department of Commerce - Tourism Division to run a series of four native ads, focusing on lifestyle and things to do throughout the state for visitors or potential residents. Native advertising content appears like a traditional news story would on a particular website, but is sponsored by an advertiser. While native ads are beginning to show up on most every news website, including North Dakota newspapers, a prominent example of a native ad site is

The paid social media ad campaign will continue through June.

Recruiter Network Update
The recruiter network continues to take shape as more companies join and interact in the conversation. Currently there are 50 individuals representing 30 companies in the network.

In March, the quarterly Network Meeting was held at Steffes Corporation in Grand Forks with 17 individuals and one student representing 10 businesses. The agenda included a Find the Good Life update, WARN notice procedure follow up, information on the new social media strategy with coordinating links, training on social media branding, new research results, and a best practices presentation by Steffes. Members also discussed English language learners and relocation assistance programs.

The next meeting is scheduled for June 23 in Minot, hosted by Hess Corporation.

Welcome new partners!
We are excited to announce additional member businesses to engage in and support the efforts to attract and retain new talent to North Dakota.

New Find the Good Life Partners
  • Great River Energy
  • Minnkota Power Company
  • KLJ
  • Malach USA LLP
New Recruiter Network Partners
  • Strata Corporation
  • Trail King
  • HIT Inc
  • Missouri Valley Petroleum
  • Nexus Innovations
  • Bobcat Company
  • ND Department of Transportation
  • Butler Machinery
  • JR Simplot Company
  • Altru Health System
Membership in the recruiter network costs $1,000 and includes access to the 300+ working resumes on file with the Department of Commerce, and supports Find the Good Life’s goals of sharing best practices among recruiters, attracting people to North Dakota, and creating a collaborative space for hiring/retention concerns among companies and recruiters. If you know a company that should become a partner or part of the Recruiter Network, please contact Wayde Sick or call 701-328-5345.

Way to Go Watford City
Congratulations to Watford City for proactively working to improve the awareness of changes their town has seen the past few years. The community’s new website is just one of the tools developed to talk about the growth –

Award Winning Advertising
The Economic Development Foundation won two Silver ADDY Awards at the state level this February for the Find the Good Life logo and its full-page/full-color ads that ran in-state. The awards were presented to Odney for creating the Find the Good Life marketing materials.

Finding the Good Life in the Future
The Find the Good Life initiative was always intended to evolve as insight and data were accrued. Research has helped determine better messaging and channels for communicating the benefits of North Dakota for both active and passive job seekers. This umbrella approach is designed to assist local developers and businesses in attracting and retaining the quality, competent workers they seek.

As we move forward, we are very interested in hearing from you, our partners, as to how we can collaborate even further. Please contact Wayde Sick or Sara Otte Coleman with your comments or ideas on how we can work together to continue meeting this challenge for North Dakota.