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Something for Everybody

North Dakota's vibrant communities and excellent quality of life offer opportunities to those looking to our state as their next potential home. The videos below showcase the stories of individuals who are New to North Dakota and gives you a look into what the experience has meant to them. Won't you join them in finding the good life in North Dakota?

The American Dream 

Stephanie is happy to have found the American dream in North Dakota. A veteran and transplant from Chicago, she was excited to find it right in the middle of family, employment opportunity and quality of life.

A Place to Grow

After coming to North Dakota on a track scholarship, Thomas was excited to find a place where he could grow. He is pursuing his professional aspirations, all while raising a family and saving money. 

Building a Wonderful Life

Wendy is pursuing a wonderful life and is excited to have found all the things she loves about her home state of Kansas, and all the things she wishes it had, right here in North Dakota.

Recreation I Love 

Casey jumped at the opportunity to pursue his career in North Dakota at one of the state's premiere golf courses - Bully Pulpit. Now he's enjoying space for the recreation he loves.

Jobs Here for Everybody

Ireland is a long way from North Dakota, but Liam and his family are excited to be here. With a strong economy and jobs for everyone, Liam is pursuing his dream of owning his own business.

A Full Heart 

Paula took the leap and became a North Dakota girl. Her heart is full and she's excited by the many new friends and acceptance she's found right here in North Dakota.